Travel Contract

Travel Nurse RN - ICU - Intensive Care Unit
Lawrence, MA
Care Team Solutions
3x12 hrs
Referral Bonus



  • Start DateASAP
  • Shift Breakdown3x12 hrs
  • Duration13 weeks



  • Weekly pay
  • Holiday Pay
  • Guaranteed Hours
  • 401k retirement plan
  • Wellness and fitness programs
  • Referral bonus
  • Medical benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • Vision benefits
  • School loan reimbursement


Registered Nurse must have 2+ years of recent experience in particular specialty

Details: Must Have 2+ Years of recent Intensive Care Unit experience.

  • Specialty: Intensive Care Unit

  • Discipline: Registered Nurse

  • Start Date: 2024-06-24

  • Duration: 13 Weeks

  • Shift: Hours Day shift

  • Hours Per Week: "NA"

  • Employment Type: Contract

  • Gross Weekly Pay: $

Six things that won’t happen if you apply to this job:

  • You won’t have to guess what the downsides are. We’ll tell you up front.
  • You won’t show up on day 1 and find out this is not what you signed up for.
  • We won't leave your phone call ringing when it's inconvenient. Business hours for you are business hours for us.
  • You won’t get shuffled to some customer service rep when a problem pops up.
  • If we screw up something in securing your placement, we'll own it. That means it's on us to make it right.
  • You won’t figure out your credentials alone. Our credentialing experts will walk you through it step by step.

  • We've talked to thousands of travel nurses like you. We know you want good pay. You want to choose when you work. But the one thing nurse after nurse has said they want and don't have is someone in their corner.

    There's a lot in this business that’s messed up. We’re trying to be the people that fix it. You and every nurse with the guts to travel deserve it.

    We've worked hard for you to enjoy some one-of-a-kind benefits you'll not likely find anywhere else, because they benefit you more than they benefit us:

    • Our early pay program
    • Student loan reimbursement
    • Free well-being tele-visits with a psychologist
    Eric Paradowski
    Eric Paradowski
    Care Team Solutions Job ID #473240. Pay package is based on 12 hour shifts and 36 hours per week (subject to confirmation) with tax-free stipend amount to be determined. Posted job title: Registered Nurse - Intensive Care Unit


    Care Team Solutions

    4.7rating(26 reviews)


    For a first time travel nurse working in the ED, I have had nothing but a pleasant and smooth journey so far! While starting a new career is daunting, my recruiter Eric Paradowski has been beyond helpful and attentive. I truly feel that Eric has my best interests at top of mind when it comes to navigating contracts. Not only has Eric made the new job easy to adjust to, but he has let it be known every step of the way that he is there for his nurses when they need him! If you are interested at all in traveling as a nurse, please ask for Eric. I look forward to continuing my successful journey with him and everyone I have been connected with at Care Team Solutions!



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    Megan W
    Megan W
    ED - Emergency Department (RN)
    Review of Care Team Solutions on Mar 14, 2024
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    Two brothers who give an enormous damn.
    We're Justin and Kyle. Neither of us are nurses. It doesn’t take a nurse tosee that the way travel nurses are treated sucks.
    Nursing is already hard enough. Travel nursing takes serious guts. You get the toughest assignmentsin places you’ve never been. Which can be fun, but it’s also stressful. You’rein your element but outside of your hometown. You can be a stranger on theteam. 
    If anyone deserves someone in their corner, it’syou. 
    But that’s not how most agencies operate. Which is why travel nurses hate working with them. We got into thisbusiness because we saw bucket-loads of nurses moving through the "churnand burn" travel machinery. We absolutely hate that. 
    You'll do your best work when you have the placements you want and feel fully supported inyour work. 
    We pay our people well because we want them totreat you well.
    Our recruiters are amazing (we picked each of themourselves), but if you've got a problem too big for them, they can comestraight to us.Wework like ten feet away.
    The "Churners and Burners" promise youthe same benefits. They might as well copy/paste them from each other. We havethem too:  
    • 401k, holiday pay, healthcare, dental, travel
    • reimbursement, etc

    But we've worked hard for you to enjoy some one-of-a-kindbenefitsyou'll not likely find anywhere else, because they benefit you more than theybenefit us:
    • Our early pay program
    • Student loan reimbursement
    • Free well-being tele-visits with a psychologist
    Response timewithin an hour
    Travel jobs$550–3,408/week
    Staff jobs$45–60/hour
    Local contracts$45–60/hour
    Per Diem / PRN roles$45–60/hour
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    About Lawrence, MA

    As a Travel Intensive Care Unit Nurse in Lawrence, MA here's what you should know:
    Cost of Living
    • The cost of living in Lawrence, MA is slightly lower than the national average, making it an affordable option for travel nurses.
    • However, wages may be slightly lower to match the cost of living.
    • The average high in summer is around 82°F, while the average low in winter is around 18°F, so be prepared for a wide range of temperatures throughout the year.
    Furnished Housing
    • Short term rentals and furnished housing options are available in Lawrence, MA, and they are relatively easy to find, especially through local real estate agencies and online rental platforms.
    • Lawrence, MA is car-friendly, but public transportation options are also available, including buses and commuter rail services for easy access to nearby cities.
    • Lawrence, MA is a diverse city with a significant Hispanic population.
    • The age range is varied, with a mix of young families and older residents.
    • Common health issues may include diabetes and obesity.
    • There is a growing population of travel nurses due to the demand for healthcare professionals in the area.
    Things to Do
    • There are various dining options offering diverse cuisines, and the city has a vibrant arts and music scene.
    • Sports enthusiasts can enjoy local games and outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring nearby parks.
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