Registered Nurse Salary Guide: Houston, TX

Knowing the facts about the average RN salary in Houston benefits current and prospective nurses alike. If you’re already working in the field, a clear picture of salary trends in Houston makes it easier to compare job opportunities. Houstonians weighing their healthcare career options can use knowledge of the average nurse salary in Houston to determine whether nursing school is a good investment. This post answers frequently asked questions about RN
jobs and wages in Houston with tips on increasing your RN pay in this popular Texas city.

Average Registered Nurse Salary


The average salary for a Registered Nurse in Houston, TX is $47.01 per hour. This is 12% higher than the Texas average of $41.33.

Last updated on March 1, 2024. Based on active jobs on

Registered Nurse salaries in Houston, TX compared to State and National Averages


Houston, TX

4% higher than the US average.



9% lower than the US average.


United States

How Registered Nurse Salaries in Houston Compare to Other Cities


Pasadena, Texas


This is 7% lower than the Houston average of $47.01.

Humble, Texas


This is 2% lower than the Houston average of $47.01.

Sugar Land, Texas


This is 20% lower than the Houston average of $47.01.

What are the highest paying Agencies for Registered Nurse jobs in Houston?
Average Hourly SalaryMax Hourly Salary
Vibra Healthcare$45$45
HCA Houston Healthcare$42$45

Last updated on March 1, 2024. Information based on active jobs on and pay data from BLS and around the web.

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How Can You Increase Your Pay as a Nurse in Houston

The steps to increasing your RN salary in Houston depend on your specific goals. If you enjoy working for your current employer, consider continuing your professional development to better position yourself for promotions, generally tied to raises. Alternatively, you can expand your skill set and credentials in preparation for looking for other staff nursing jobs in Houston if you’re ready for a change.

Go Back to School

Advancing in your career allows you to take on new responsibilities and earn more money. Expanding your education is generally a guaranteed way to accomplish this advancement.
If you have an associate degree in nursing, explore bridge programs that allow you to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing while you work.

For RNs with a bachelor’s degree, earning a Master of Science in Nursing is the first step toward gaining certification in advanced practice roles, such as an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner and certified registered nurse anesthetist. While exploring educational programs, talk to your employer about tuition reimbursement. You may get all or some of your tuition, books and fees paid for as an employee benefit.

Become a Certified Nurse

Nursing certifications attest to your knowledge and experience caring for patients within a
population or branch of medicine and may help you get a raise or find a better-paying job. RNs can pursue dozens of specialties from certifying bodies such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation and National Certification Corporation.

Each organization establishes a unique set of criteria for the credentials they grant. Generally, RNs must meet specific education and experience requirements and pass an exam to become certified.

Volunteer for In-Demand Shifts

Many RNs prefer to work the day shift, leaving healthcare employers with more openings for second-shift and third-shift positions. If your personal obligations and other responsibilities allow you the flexibility to work these shifts or a rotating schedule, you may be able to earn more per hour. Some employers also provide bonuses for weekend and holiday work.

Conduct Research and Ask for a Raise

If you want to remain in your current position but earn more money, ask your supervisor for a pay increase. Come to the negotiating table prepared to show why you deserve a raise. Update your CV with your skills, certifications, education, experience and quotes from positive performance reviews, and bring a copy to the meeting.

Use Vivian’s salary tool to determine how your wages compare to the average RN salary in Houston and explore other healthcare jobs in Houston to see what these currently pay. Strengthen your case and be prepared to negotiate for a better salary by compiling a list of statistics demonstrating why your wages aren’t competitive.

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