Travel Nurse Salary Guide: Houston, TX

Knowing the facts about the average RN salary in Houston benefits current and prospective nurses alike. If you’re already working in the field, a clear picture of salary trends in Houston makes it easier to compare job opportunities. Houstonians weighing their healthcare career options can use knowledge of the average nurse salary in Houston to determine whether nursing school is a good investment. This post answers frequently asked questions about RN
jobs and wages in Houston with tips on increasing your RN pay in this popular Texas city.

Average Travel Nurse Salary


The average salary for a Travel Nurse in Houston, TX is $1,761 per week. This is 7% lower than the Texas average of $1,892.

Last updated on December 10, 2023. Based on 726 active jobs on in the last 7 days.

Travel Nurse salaries in Houston, TX compared to State and National Averages


Houston, TX

24% lower than the US average.



15% lower than the US average.


United States

How Travel Nurse Salaries in Houston Compare to Other Cities


Bryan, Texas


This is 1% higher than the Houston average of $1,761.

Austin, Texas


This is 1% higher than the Houston average of $1,761.

Waco, Texas


This is 11% higher than the Houston average of $1,761.

What type of Travel Nurses make the most money in Houston?
SpecialtyAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Cardiac Cath Lab$2,535$2,946
What are the highest paying Agencies for Travel Nurse jobs in Houston?
Average Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Sunbelt Staffing$3,137$3,137
Walker HealthForce$2,885$2,885
Coast Medical Service$2,757$2,757
Springboard Healthcare$2,580$2,580
Triage Staffing$2,520$2,831
TotalMed Case Management Staffing$2,502$2,502
Cure Healthcare Staffing$2,417$2,417
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How Can You Increase Your Pay as a Nurse in Houston

Take a Travel Nurse Position

A comparison of the average weekly salary for travel nurse jobs in Houston of $2,390 per week and the permanent RN hourly rate of $39.11 reveals that travel RNs earned about 53% more per week in a 40-hour work week in late October 2022. Thus, nurses who don’t live in Houston but take travel contracts there earn the most.

You can also work as a local travel nurse if you want to live and work in the city. The downside is you won’t qualify for the tax-free stipends and per diems for housing, meals and other incidentals. Instead, your entire salary is subject to income tax, meaning you gross less after taxes compared to traditional travel nurses. However, local travel nurses often still earn more than their staffed counterparts.

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