Travel Operating Room Nurse salaries in Medford, MA

Average Travel Operating Room Nurse Salary

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The average salary for a Travel Operating Room Nurse in Medford, MA is $3,689 per week. This is 29% higher than the US average of $2,633.

Estimate based on 552 active jobs in the last 90 days.

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What cities in Massachusetts pay the most for Travel Operating Room Nurses?

CityAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Cambridge, Massachusetts$5,048$5,048
Berkshire, Massachusetts$5,000$5,000
Worcester, Massachusetts$4,326$5,328
Pittsfield, Massachusetts$4,286$6,000
Lawrence, Massachusetts$4,110$5,000
Dover, Massachusetts$4,000$4,000
Milford, Massachusetts$3,906$3,906
Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts$3,840$3,840
Fall River, Massachusetts$3,800$3,800
Concord, Massachusetts$3,563$4,400