Travel Certified Nursing Assistant salaries in the United States

Average Travel Certified Nursing Assistant Salary

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Estimate based on 408 active jobs in the last 90 days.

Where do Travel Certified Nursing Assistants get paid the most?

StateAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
New Jersey$1,404$1,912
North Dakota$1,400$1,400
District of Columbia$1,212$1,212

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What cities pay the most for Travel Certified Nursing Assistants?

CityAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Findlay, Ohio$2,759$2,759
Harmony, Minnesota$2,492$2,580
Wrangell, Alaska$2,329$2,763
Seattle, Washington$2,160$2,160
Williamsburg, Virginia$2,057$2,057
Salem, Oregon$2,013$2,013
Miles City, Montana$1,984$1,984
Freehold, New Jersey$1,912$1,912
Syracuse, New York$1,911$1,911
King City, California$1,890$1,890

What type of Travel Certified Nursing Assistants make the most money?

The highest paying specialty within this discipline is Home Health. Travel roles are currently paying $1,644/wk which is 36% higher than average.

Other top paying specialties include Float with average pay of $1,572/wk, Acute with average pay of $1,105/wk and Mental Health with average pay of $1,094/wk.

SpecialtyAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Home Health$1,644$2,085
Mental Health$1,094$2,057
Medical Unit$1,003$1,391
Long Term Care$965$2,580

What are the highest paying Employers and Agencies for Travel Certified Nursing Assistant jobs?

Average Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
3D Medical Staffing$2,111$2,160
Ink - A Healthcare Staffing Co.$1,890$1,890
Pamela's List$1,800$1,800
Oloop Health$1,680$2,851
TotalMed Staffing$1,588$2,580
GrapeTree Medical Staffing$1,575$1,575
Synergy Medical Staffing$1,555$1,990
EGA Associates$1,463$1,965
Healthcare Support$1,423$1,497
GQR Healthcare$1,408$2,085

Top Travel Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs

View job details for Travel CNA - Acute

Travel CNA - Acute

  • Minneapolis, MN
    • 3x12 hrs
    • Nights
  • Referral Bonus
6 days ago


View job details for Travel CNA

Travel CNA

  • The Dalles, OR
    • 3x12 hrs
    • Flexible
4 days ago


View job details for Travel CNA - Long Term Care

Travel CNA - Long Term Care

  • New York, NY
    • 5x8 hrs
    • Days
  • Referral Bonus
5 days ago


View job details for Travel CNA

Travel CNA

  • Corvallis, OR
    • 3x12 hrs
    • Nights
4 days ago


View job details for Travel CNA - Long Term Care

Travel CNA - Long Term Care

  • Meeker, CO
    • 3x12 hrs
    • Days
4 days ago