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Miami, Florida Healthcare Employment Location Guide

Miami was dubbed the Magic City almost from its inception. Just one month after becoming incorporated in 1896, the coastal metropolis in southern Florida adopted this enduring nickname due to its almost magical growth in a relatively brief amount of time. Miami is now the most populous city in Florida and is noted for its beautiful beaches, active nightlife, unique food options, diverse culture and varied real estate. But let’s not forget the amazing year-round weather that makes this fabulous city even more enjoyable, no matter the season.

While the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area has long been a popular snowbird and retirement destination, healthcare professionals (HCPs) also flock to this fun-filled area for the numerous employment opportunities. Whether you’re looking for staff or travel nursing jobs or allied health careers in a sunny, state-income-tax-free locale, Miami, Florida, might just be the place you seek.

Top Hospitals in Miami, Florida

The Florida Hospital Association listed 344 hospitals throughout the state, with 21 located in Miami. These hospitals may be independent or part of Florida’s 50 health systems, including two based in Miami. Hospitals include general, children’s and specialty healthcare facilities. The following hospitals typically rank among the top healthcare employers in Miami.

UHealth Tower

UHealth Tower

As part of the University of Miami Health System (aka UHealth), UHealth Tower is one of three hospitals integrated under the health system in 2017. It’s a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and known for its medical/surgical and cardiac intensive care units. Healthcare professionals specializing in neurology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and oncology may be particularly attracted to this facility as these are among its top specialties. Conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Miami, UHealth Tower provides an ideal location for working in the Sunshine State.

Baptist Hospital of Miami

Baptist Hospital of Miami

Housing three Centers of Excellence, Baptist Hospital is the flagship facility of Baptist Health South Florida and has been one of the most respected medical centers in South Florida since 1960. It’s rated as high-performing in cancer care, neurology/neurosurgery, geriatrics and pulmonology/lung surgery, and it offers a full range of medical and technological services that appeal to a growing number of people worldwide. Baptist Hospital has earned Magnet Recognition since 1998, making it a fantastic choice for nurses looking for a facility that genuinely values nursing talent and excellence in healthcare.

Jackson Memorial Hospital

Jackson Memorial Health

As the flagship hospital and pillar of Jackson Health System, healthcare professionals working at Jackson Memorial Hospital can explore a variety of medical specialties while enjoying a comprehensive benefits package. This award-winning teaching hospital has grown from a 13-bed facility in 1918 called Miami City Hospital to more than 1,700 beds today. It provides patients and employees access to cutting-edge treatments and procedures as it holds itself at the forefront of medical research and ingenuity. As a nonprofit hospital, Jackson Memorial serves all community members, including uninsured and low-income individuals.

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Average Nurse and Allied Health Pay Rates in Miami, FL

Vivian had over 1,300 postings for various nursing or allied health jobs in Miami, FL, on May 14, 2023. Positions included staff and travel roles at top hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout the city. The following table demonstrates the average and maximum pay for RNs and allied health professionals working in Miami during this period.

Discipline Average Pay Rate Max Pay Rate
Staff Registered Nurse $32/hour $46/hour
Travel Registered Nurse $2,858/week $3,274/week
Staff Allied Health Professional $25/hour $36/hour
Travel Allied Health Professional $2,553/week $2,800/week

While the salaries above reflect the average of all professionals within each discipline, actual pay varies based on specialty, location, experience, work schedules, professional certifications and other factors employers deem essential to the role. Top-paying staff RN jobs during this period included operating room, oncology, bone marrow transplant and pediatric hematology/oncology nursing roles. However, travel nurses found higher-paying contracts among med surg and operating room jobs on the night shift. Radiology technologists were the highest-paid allied health travelers and registered respiratory therapists earned the most for staff allied health jobs posted on May 14, 2023.

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Cost of Living in Miami, Florida

While Miami’s overall cost of living is higher than the national average, per Sperling’s Best Places, Florida doesn’t collect state income taxes, helping healthcare professionals stretch their paychecks further. Housing costs are about 36% higher than the national average, which includes buying and renting a home. However, Miami has a diverse array of housing options and varying neighborhoods that may make it easier to find something within your housing budget.

Travelers often find more abundant healthcare job options in Miami during the October-May snowbird season due to the higher concentration of older adults who may be more likely to require medical care. However, housing prices can often increase along with this seasonal population jump.

You should also keep in mind that temporary healthcare workers may not always benefit from Miami’s lack of state income taxes, as it may not save them from paying taxes in their home state. Consult a tax professional for more information.

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Top Locations to Live in Miami, Florida

Little Havana, Miami, Florida

Miami is one of the nation’s most diverse and dynamic cities, so it’s no surprise that you can find an assortment of different areas to call home. Each neighborhood has a unique character and vibe that appeals to varying lifestyles. Before you sign a lease or home purchase contract, explore these and other neighborhoods to find the one that colors you happy.

  • Coconut Grove: Surrounded by a lush canopy, Coconut Grove residents enjoy being slightly more insulated from the hustle and bustle of many other neighborhoods. Marked by its beautiful Banyan trees, abundant greenspaces and boats bobbing along the Biscayne Bay shoreline, this neighborhood often appeals to nurses and allied health professionals who enjoy pursuing outdoor recreation during their off time. HCPs seeking a casual, bohemian vibe may also enjoy this neighborhood noted for its funky galleries and eclectic boutiques. Per Spacewise, the median home purchase price in Coconut Grove is about $592,500, with an average monthly rental rate of $1,401.
  • Little Havana: Nurses and allied health workers seeking one of Miami’s liveliest neighborhoods might feel at home in Little Havana. This neighborhood’s vibrant energy stems from the irresistible pulse of live music venues, dance clubs and bars that attract young professionals looking for fun after work. As the hub for Hispanic and Latin-American culture, it’s noted for its delicious Cuban cafes and Miami-rolled cigar bars. Food trucks serving various delicacies abound, and colorful street art is seen everywhere. Conveniently located just west of Downtown Miami, Little Havana’s real estate options include single-floor bungalows, condos and Mission Revival-style homes. Home prices average $116,936, and rentals run about $932 monthly.
  • Wynwood: Formerly a warehouse district, Wynwood has morphed from an abandoned wasteland into an arts district home to over 70 museums and galleries. Craft beer lovers also enjoy the edgy neighborhood, where mural-lined streets are dotted with top-notch craft breweries. Further development has transformed Wynwood into one of Miami’s most exciting neighborhoods full of great shopping and restaurants with eclectic menus. Bar hopping is a favored pastime for singles and young professionals. The neighborhood also attracts nurses and allied health professionals for its proximity to Downtown and relatively affordable apartments and condos. Average home prices run about $156,805, while median monthly rents are around $1,296.
  • Downtown Miami: If you enjoy living in the center of it all, Downtown Miami boasts a high concentration of things to do, as well as healthcare jobs at UHealth Tower and Jackson Memorial. The Downtown neighborhood is noted for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous rooftop bars, music venues and modern speakeasies. Living Downtown also offers plentiful shopping at major retailers and independent boutiques, swanky award-winning restaurants and even parks for enjoying the great outdoors. Sports fans also enjoy Downtown as it’s home to Kaseya Center, where the Miami Heat play. As expected, home prices are usually higher Downtown, with the median price around $273,208. However, rentals are comparable to other neighborhoods at an average monthly cost of $1,272.

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Popular Miami, Florida Attractions

Miami Beach/South Beach

Miami - Beach scene - Resized

While both of these glorious white sand beaches technically have a Miami Beach address, they’re still considered part of the Greater Miami area and probably the most popular draw. Besides the stunning ocean view, Miami Beach boasts a lively nightlife, great shopping and dining options and plenty of spas for pampering yourself. South Beach offers lots of sun and surf and is a world-renowned hotspot, especially during Spring Break when it becomes the epicenter of the party scene.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami

One of the top family-friendly attractions is Zoo Miami, where the animals don’t live in cages. It’s the largest zoo in Florida, with over 3,000 animals and 500 animal species living in natural environments separated by moats. This zoo style maintains a healthier habitat while keeping the animals apart from each other and visitors. Visitors, young and old, also discover many enjoyable educational programs at Zoo Miami. Within its 750 acres, you’ll find tons of fun activities, including giraffe feedings, rides, tram tours and water play spots.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Situated on Biscayne Bay in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens sit on the former estate of James Deering. A renowned conservationist, Deering set up the estate to conserve tropical and mangrove environments, with the main building completed in 1916. The estate is among the most beautiful historic attractions in the city and a National Historic Landmark. It has a living museum at its core, holding over 2,500 pieces of antique furniture and artwork. The gardens encompass 25 acres of endangered land, with 2,000 orchids and other flora.

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls - Miami, Florida

Even if you’re not an art lover, Wynwood Walls in the Wynwood neighborhood are awe-inspiring works of art. The outdoor art gallery created by talented graffiti artists and muralists includes art deemed untouchable and other pieces that are constantly changing, providing something new to see every visit. It’s one of the world’s most extensive open-air art exhibits of its kind, featuring creations from over 50 artists from 16 countries. Curated by Goldman Global Arts, the Wynwood Walls were founded in 2009 and have become globally renowned street art to be enjoyed for generations.

Neptune Memorial Reef: Located in Miami Beach, Neptune Memorial Reef is actually an underwater cemetery that also acts as an artificial reef. The cast concrete memorials use cremated remains to create a unique way to commemorate a loved one. The Reef spans 15 acres and lies 40 feet below the surface, about three miles off the Key Biscayne coast. It features stunning bronze and steel accents on amazing architecture that supports new life by housing fish and coral. Visitors can swim through the graveyard, which is simultaneously eerie and awe-inspiring.

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Miami’s Foodie Scene

Cuban Sandwich

The food scene in Miami is a veritable melting pot of cuisines, flavors and ever-evolving restaurant hotspots. There’s no denying the Caribbean and Latin American influence on the food in the Magic City, from its iconic Cuban sandwiches to mouthwatering Caribbean-style dishes you won’t want to miss. True foodies may want to try a variety of Cuban sandwiches, of which there are many versions. However, the traditional sandwich generally features a blend of roasted pork, Swiss cheese, baked ham, dill pickles and yellow mustard served on fresh Cuban bread.

If you’re looking for something tasty between October and March, opt for stone crabs, an indisputable seafood treat famous in Miami and throughout South Florida. The succulent meat is typically served seasoned and ice chilled, with a side of creamy mustard sauce. Another seafood temptation and quintessential sandwich of Miami is a fresh grouper filet served grilled on a brioche bun with tomato, arugula, pickled onions and chipotle aioli. For dessert, don’t skip the key lime pie. While it’s a tasty treat throughout Florida, Miami’s well-loved version is an utter pleasure for your taste buds with a delectable blend of creamy, crunchy sweetness.

Getting Around the Magic City of Miami

One great thing about living in a large city like Miami, Florida, is the variety of public transportation options. These options can be especially beneficial for your daily commute since two of the most complained about issues in the city are traffic and lack of parking. You may even find multiple commuting possibilities depending on where you live and work.

The Miami-Dade Transit runs the Metrobus, covering over 95 routes throughout the county. Since Florida is at sea level and can’t have a subway, the commuter rail system runs above the streets. The elevated Metrorail covers 25 miles of Miami-Dade’s most populated areas, while the Metromover train system covers the 4.4 miles in and around Downtown Miami. For long-distance travel, Miami International Airport serves the greater Miami metro area with over 1,000 daily flights to 167 domestic and international destinations.

Nurses and allied health workers seeking travel or staff jobs in Miami can count on Vivian Health to ease their job search. Our platform connects healthcare professionals with top employers around the nation by focusing on salary transparency, matching the ideal candidate with the perfect job and a faster hiring process. Grow your career by landing your dream Miami healthcare job with help from Vivian today.

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Moira K. McGhee is Vivian’s Content Writer & Editor. As part of the Vivian Health team, she strives to help support the empowerment of nurses and other medical professionals in their pursuits to find top-notch travel, staff, per diem and local contract positions.

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